Making Dreams Come True

When I  was a kid, my grandma wanted me to become a biologist. I was 8 years old, on my first day at a dedicated school, I let a rooster out of the cage in a mini-zoo – I could not stand seeing a bird with such beautifully colored feathers living in captivity. Beauty took over science. Teachers called my parents and my career in biology ended without starting.

Years passed, I studied arts, literature, and languages and worked for various lifestyle magazines, taking interviews and organizing photo shootings, writing about cinema, design and social trends.  I danced the Argentinian tango and that, together with my work as a journalist, allowed me to travel the world, to meet different people and to see a lot of wonderful places.

In the meanwhile, I’ve graduated from a design school in Moscow and, when considering to continue my education in this field,  I’ve chosen to go to Milan, the capital of design, and have my master degree at Scuola Politecnica di Design, winner of Compasso d’Oro.  At that moment I could not imagine yet that Milan would become my second home.

Every step in this city is my inspiration, its architecture, its lifestyle, its colors, and even its fog – all of this formes me as a person and as a designer. My core interests concentrate on human-centered approach, be it storytelling, an interactive application or a residential interior. I believe that “attractive things work better” and design is mainly about making the world a happier place.

Services & Prices

Distances are never a problem. I eagerly handle projects online and I love online communication in general because it allows taking a pause to think. I love working with small apartments (I myself once lived in an apartment of 15 sq.m. and I know that every millimeter counts).
I am interested in the experience that one has in the interior, in personal needs and individual “comfort” and “beauty”. I handle the projects in “parts” as well, to solve specific problems and do consultations, because the design must be for a person, and not vice versa.

Interior design

upon request

online & on place

private or public spaces

  • ✓  furniture and appliances layout
  • ✓ lighting layout
  • ✓ floors layout
  • ✓ recessed ceiling plans
  • ✓ sections and elevations
  • ✓ furniture concepts
  • ✓ mood boards for separate rooms
  • ✓ CMF-project (colors, materials, finishings)
  • ✓ 3D-renders
  • ✓ Virtual Reality walkthrough

Functional planning

from € 20

per sq.m. (more than 60 sq.m.)

to put everything in one place

  • ✓ definition of personal requests and requirements
  • ✓ furniture layout (2 variants)
  • ✓ necessary details and zoom-in views

Style & Decoration

from € 20

per sq.m.

to make it beautiful

  • ✓ style mood board for the whole place and separate rooms
  • ✓ CMF-concept (colors, materials and finishings)
  • ✓ choice of furniture and accessories

Tiny appartmentsSpecial offer


less than 60 sq.m.

for a small space that requires a big attention

  • ✓ preliminary discussion via Skype/WhatsApp
  • ✓ functional planning of the space based on the personal requirements (furniture layout – 2 variants)
  • ✓ final Q & A session via Skype/WhatsApp
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Individual Consultations

from € 50

per hour

for privates and companies

  • ✓ interior design an decoration
  • ✓ user experience
  • ✓ color design for digital, virtual and other pretty much real projects
  • ✓ personal shopping
  • ✓ lectures and workshops
  • ✓ trends’ analysis and storytelling