Elena Kartseva

I am a Milan based designer with expertise in color design, spatial design, design storytelling, and innovative technologies.

Elena Kartseva

I am a Milan based designer with expertise in color design, spatial design, design storytelling, and innovative technologies.

My Story

In 2011, I moved from Moscow to Milan, enrolling in Scuola Politecnica di Design for a master’s program. A year later I have received a Master of Science in Interior Design and completed an internship in a Milanese studio specializing in color design.

Since then I live in Milan, where I work as an interior designer, creating homes and offices in Europe, and online worldwide, write articles on Italian design, and conduct lectures and workshops. Although I am not a 3D artist, I have strong expertise in modern visualization technologies from the design and user experience perspective, and as part of my collaboration with the PlaySys studio in Milan, I explore the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds, designing spatial and color solutions for interactive projects, showrooms, and home staging in virtual, augmented and mixed reality.


Concept design, interior design, color design, virtual reality, user experience, and storytelling


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Where I've worked

2013 - Now
Color Designer and Production Designer at PlaySys, Milan
2015 - Now
Color Design Lecturer at Sreda Obuchenia, Moscow
2010 - Now
Freelance Interior Designer
2014 - 2018
Freelance Writer for Architectural Digest Russia
2013 - Now
Editor at 3D Architettura. Digital Architecture Magazine, Milan

Portfolio of my selected projects

How I can take your projects to the new heights

Complete design project from concept to decoration

Designing your own place, be it an apartment or an office, can be confusing and even tiresome, so let’s work together to make this process easy and enjoyable. From initial concept and construction drawings to finishes and accessories: end-to-end design experience and support on every step towards the space of your dreams.

And for modern businesses, I offer interior design of virtual environments – ad-hoc planning and design of showrooms and home staging in virtual reality.

  • Concept proposal and development
  • Functional user experience
  • Set of necessary plans and drawings
  • Moodboards and visualizations
  • Colors, materials, and finishes
  • Furniture and accessories selection

Since 2010 I handle individual consultations on various Interior Design and Decoration subjects – from ergonomic furniture layout of particular living spaces to color and material design, and from home staging (also in Virtual Reality) to assistance in choosing furniture and accessories.

Home Coaching

Smart Interior Design approach for those who do not need a full re-design, but some minor adjustments to an existing interior that does not correspond to the current lifestyle. As in a wardrobe check-up a stylist assists in sorting the clothes in the ones to give away and the ones to wear, and creates trendy combinations adding some new extra details, one room at a time we analyze together what does not work anymore in the interior and based on this analysis I find the best design solutions both in decoration and layouts.

Interior Decoration and Styling

A way to add fresh trendy breeze in an existing interior: performing some changes in the layouts, adding accessories and other details can give a rented apartment a personal touch and – for the owners – can increase the value of the space on the market.

For the decoration projects, I both work with the whole space to perform a uniform re-styling and take up separate rooms, balconies, and terraces.

Individual Consultations

Online and offline hourly-based consultations and problem-solving on various design subjects: from defining the works’ order and priorities to choosing color, materials, and finishes for an interior, and from planning a virtual showroom to defining spatial interactive experiences for an exhibition.

Experience and passion for giving a voice to information

Being a journalist with more than 15-years of experience in lifestyle writing and magazine management, I use my natural curiosity and professional expertise to create engaging storytelling.

My areas of interest include but are not limited to interior and industrial design, behind the scenes of production and manufacture, colors” and trends” analysis and forecasting, user experience and design thinking, digital imagery, CG, rendering, virtual and augmented reality.

I am always open to collaborations as a writer, as well as for workshops and lectures.


I am always open to new cooperations as well as to new freelance design projects in Italy, where I live, in Russia, my home country, and worldwide online. So if you have anything interesting in mind, just drop me a line.

Milan, Italy

hello [at] kartsevaelena.com

Moscow, Russia

hello [at] kartsevaelena.com