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Designing your own place, be at an apartment or an office, can be confusing and even tiresome, so let”s work together to make this process easy and enjoyable. From initial  concept and construction drawings to finishes and accessories: end-to-end design experience and support on every step towards the space of your dreams.

  • Concept proposal and development
  • Functional user experience
  • Set of necessary plans and drawings
  • Moodboards and visualizations
  • Colors, materials, and finishes
  • Furniture and accessories selection
  • Individual approach: both  in-person and online
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Interior Decoration and Consultations

You are not planning a full re-design, but some minor adjustments to your interior that does not correspond to your requirements anymore?  You have started a renovation in your own comfortable pace, but are feeling confused with works’ order and priorities? You have moved all the furniture around your apartment several times but still are not satisfied with results and need help with organizing everything nicely and easily. You need individual assistance in choosing furniture, textiles, accessories, materials or colors? I willingly take up projects in parts, I like solving specific problems and handle individual consultations, because the design should be for the person, and not vice versa. And for small spaces that require a lot of attention, I offer special fixed rates.


You do not have a complete renovation, detailed design project or significant changes in mind. At least for the moment. However, your home interior does not feel comfortable anymore or maybe just does not make you happy. You perceive that something is wrong, but are not really sure how to fix it.

Interior Checkup with a designer is like a wardrobe checkup with  a stylist. Together we evaluate your home interior and define what should be moved and where, what can be adjusted, what can be added or even trashed to obtain your home just better. the place that corresponds to your daily needs and lifestyle. Today.


The more I know about your lifestyle and your preferences, the easier it will be to work together. I will need some photos of our room and – even better – a video of you making a small tour explaining what you like, what you don’t, what is missing – everrything you consider important and worth my attention. The more details allow me to see your apartment with your eyes, the better it is.

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It’s not about a beautiful picture with accessories and decorative details you cannot relate to. My goal is to adjust to your current lifestyle what you already have.

Therefore, first you get a “High Priority To Do List” stating immediate changes to make your space better. We will move the furniture, change or add textiles and concentrate on seemingly small details that create a significant impact.

The second list will help you to keep in mind your long-term goals and changes. There you will find the recommendations about some object to purchase or some renovation ideas that you can follow in your own pace.


Interior Checkup is made online, through skype or whatsapp, in your preferred time.

One consultation lasts 60-90 min.

Price: €65 per one room

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Good furniture layout is already half the success on the way to the interior of your dreams, and when it comes to a small apartment, it’s much more than half, because it allows you to effectively use every square meter and create a convenient and beautiful space for life. Your life.

I love working with small apartments (my first rented apartment in Milan was 15 sq.m. –  beleive me whaen I say that I know from my own experience how to value every millimeter). That is why I offer a special fixed rate for apartments up to 60 sq.m. located anywhere in the world where there is the internet.


Before we start working together you will need to fill in the form, telling about your lifestyle and requirements for your home interior and provide a plan of the space with all the measurements, as well as some photos/videos.

Fill in the brief for your design projectAny questions to discuss?


  • Initial consultation via skype/whatsapp (30 min) for clarifying your requirements for the your interior.
  • Functional furniture layout based on the detailed analysis of your spatial experience and interactions (furniture plan with measurements).
  • Necessary references of the furniture and materials used.
  • Necessary comments, internal views and elevations.
  • Final consultation via skype/whatsapp (30 min) – Q&A, comments on the construction works to be held and necessary specialists to be contacted.


The design projects is done online with consultations via skype/whatsapp.

The special fixed price for apartments less then 60 sq.m. : €500.

The design project requires on average 10 days.

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If you do not have a PayPal account, you can choose the “pay with a credit card” option.

Design storytelling

Being a journalist with more than 15-years of experience in lifestyle writing and magazine management, I use my natural curiosity and professional expertise to create engaging storytelling. My areas of interest include but are not limited to interior and industrial design, behind the scenes of production and manufacture, colors” and trends” analysis and forecasting, user experience and design thinking, digital imagery, CG, rendering, virtual and augmented reality.

Lets Create Something Great Together

In 2011, I moved from Moscow to Milan, enrolling in Scuola Politecnica di Design for a master’s program in interior design. Since then I have received M.Sc. Master in Interior Design, completed an internship in a Milanese studio specializing in color design, wrote articles on Italian design and conducted lectures and workshops. Eight years later, I still live in Milan, where I work as a freelance interior designer, creating homes and offices in Europe, in Moscow and online worldwide, and as part of my collaboration with the PlaySys studio in Milan, I explore the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds, designing spatial and color solutions for interactive projects in virtual and augmented reality.

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